Janet Yellen

I am currently taking a Women and Gender Studies course, and Janet Yellen has been a huge topic about how she is such a business women and how fabulous she is. (FYI- Janet Yellen is the new head of the Federal Reserve). I do not want to diminish Yellen’s accomplishments in any way, shape or form but, she is not great because she’s a woman. She worked hard, learned a lot, and that is how she got to such a prestigious position. Is it sexism that Obama pushed Larry Summers to become the next Head of the Federal Reserve? Probably not, Summers is a known financial  contributor to the Obama administration, and probably wanted the position. Summers was not unqualified for the position either- in fact he studied under Yellen at Harvard before becoming a professor there himself. However, in the end Yellen was next in line and more qualified. So the media made many comparisons between Summers and Yellen because…? Obama wanted Summers to hold the position, and he is still the leader of the nation. Even if Summers was not the best option, Obama’s opinion holds a lot of clout, and people became enraged when he tried to push someone to a position that Yellen obviously deserved, and she has the position. The medias continuous coverage of her will not cause her to lose what she worked so hard for.


2 thoughts on “Janet Yellen

  1. I’m not sure I understand your point.

    Is it just that the controversy about Summers/Yellen has nothing to do with sexism? I agree with that.
    Is it that there is something untoward about the pushback Obama was getting on the nomination? I don’t agree with that (although some of it came from people who would object to anything Obama attempted to do, I think there are legitimate concerns about Summers being granted that position).

  2. Y’all is all wrong. That yankee, ain’t no good for nothing. Her Monetary Policy is worse than India’s industrial economy. She gets loose with her monetary policy thats for sure!! Unless she like my friend Ben who use to work at South of the Border, then she aint nuffin.

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