Red lipstick

Red lipstick is incredibly intimidating, but quite rewarding when worn correctly. I am not a makeup expert; however, I feel confident that these Do’s, Don’ts, Tips and Tricks will help everyone who wants to pull off the daring red (yes, even the pale).

Do: Shop for your skin tone!

Red is such a popular color that there are tons of shades for many different skin tones. Pick a favorite brand (I prefer Revlon, or if you’re in the mood to spend, MAC), and shop for your skin tone. Paler skin tones will probably want a red-blue tone, while deeper skin tones will probably want an red-orange. Of course, use a tester to try out colors.

Don’t: Splurge without testing!

Even if you find a red that looks fabulous on you, you may not want to wear it often. Sometimes after testing makeup, we won’t make a permanent switch and incorporate it into our daily routines. Which really sucks when you’ve spent $30 on a lipstick that will be old before you wear it again. Start off with a drugstore brand, and work up to the pricey stuff.

Do: Blot your lipstick!

Red lipstick is very obvious on teeth (and let’s be honest: kind of gross). There are multiple ways to make sure it won’t ruin your pearly whites. After applying your lipstick make an ‘O’ with your lips, and put your pointer finger in your mouth. Close only your lips around it (don’t bite!), and after about 5 seconds take out your pointer finger. You could also bite on a blotting pad or tissue.

Don’t: Skip your cleanings!

Red lipstick has a horrible habit of making teeth look duller. To combat the dull, brush and floss your teeth everyday (duh). Also, you can buy a home whitening kit or go to the dentist. If you only have a few minutes, swish with hydrogen peroxide, but DO NOT swallow (this is safe; read the bottle). However, if you do swish with peroxide, have a bottle of mouth wash handy, because it tastes disgusting.


  • Keep the rest of your look simple, red lipstick can stand alone. I prefer to pair a red lip with simple eyeshadow and blush.
  • Don’t wear red; talk about overload.
  • Keep the outfit simple, let your face shine. I like the look of red lip and a LBD.
  • Use a lip brush and red lipstick to outline your lips first; it’ll keep it from going outside your lip lines.
  • To make a matte red lip, use a lip brush and apply foundation to your lips before hand. As silly as it seems, red lipstick will last longer and the foundation won’t shine through.
  • Use chapstick. Dry, chapped lips are very obvious with red lipstick.
  • To ensure long wear, seal with a red blush.
  • For a bigger impact, use a clear lip-gloss. Focus on the cupid bow of your mouth.

I hope these help and you feel confident enough to rock the red(: