I’m a mess

Hey internet! Sorry I haven’t written in forever. I need to make a point to more aptly post about my life, but it just seems to fall by the wayside.

The title of my post is more than a little dramatic; by all intents and purposes I’m doing great in school, I have a job internship offer, I workout a lot, and I’m killing it in the extra curricular department.

The reason I’m a mess is because I hate making choices. I don’t want to choose between fashion and politics, so I didn’t. I’m a fashion minor with a political communications certificate. I didn’t want to join between clubs so I didn’t: I’m involved in four clubs.

But now I potentially have the option of deciding between a fashion internship, and a politics internship, and honestly, I’m at a loss. I love the options I’ve been given, and I’d love to do both. I know that’s not an option, but if it could be that would be great. I just want a crystal ball to look into my future and take the necessary steps to achieve it. So, my decision has been… nothing. I am going to make a pro-con list and try to make my life as fabulous as possible.

The reason I say all this isn’t anything profound or interesting (sorry). It’s just nice to remember why I chose my major to begin with and write it out.